Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my Planters without PVC Legs?

Yes, but we recommend to do so when using the Irrigation Manifold as a drip system (10 Gallon). The 1.2 Gallon & 3 Gallon will work just fine with or without the PVC legs.

How far should I space the planters from one another?

Depending on your spacing we recommend an 18-24 in separation from the center of each Planter.

What kind of growing can I do in these systems?

All types of growing! Our Planters are universal, meaning they work with both Hydroponic and Feed to Drain growing applications.

Can I Reuse my Screen Inserts?


Where can I find Instruction Manuals to setup my Planters?

Instruction manuals can be found directly on the shopping page under the product you’ve purchased or are looking at. 

When to use Flexible Pipes or PVC for Irrigation and Drainage:

1) Flexible piping is recommended for smaller setup and when used in temporary locations where you plan on moving soon so its easier for setting up and breaking down.

2) PVC is recommended for large commercial operations where you don’t plan on moving as its more of a cleaner setup and stationary. Therefore, the PVC setup can remain the same from one harvest t the next.

Can I use my 10 Gallon Planters as a Drip Feed System?


What are the dimensions of the Medical Planters & Ez-Pz Planters?

Check “System Information” after clicking on a Gallon Size or type of Kit.

Would the Anti- Microbial Planters harm my beneficial microbes?

No, because the Anti-Microbial is located on the plastic and doesn’t come in contact with your beneficial microbes in your root zone.