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Ez-Pz 15.5" Runoff Tray

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The Ez-Pz 15.5" Runoff Tray works with small nursery pots, fabric pots up to 7 Gallons (26.50 Liters), and standard containers up to 10 Gallons (37.85 Liters). Unlike your typical drain pans, The Bucket Company's 15.5" Ez-Pz Runoff Tray helps eliminate water overflow with its gravity slope design. Say goodbye to your wet vacuum and say hello to clean hassle-free gardens! 

Key Benefits:

  • Connect multiple trays to one main drain site for easier clean-up
  • Allows growers to test EC / PH Levels to each individual plant 
  • Adjustable height: includes (optional) 1-1/4" PVC legs to raise off the floor
  • (2-in-1): Universal 1/2" Elbow fitting, (included), can be used to assemble with 3/4" vinyl hose or any size PVC hard-pipe

For orders over 40 trays please contact us at customerservice@thebucketcompany.com or call us at 786-580-3990.