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3 Gallon Color Drip Kit

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The 3 Gallon Color Drip Kit is designed for a low-pressure drip irrigation system that allows growers to feed their plants at a consistent rate but without the time and labor! Unlike The Bucket Company's White Medical grade containers, these colorful systems don't have the same medical properties infused. Growers now have the option of color-coding specific plants, flowers, and gardens!

With so many different ways to grow the plants and fruits you love, The Bucket Company created a solution to the ever-changing industry by designing a line of growing systems that work with both Drain to Waste and Hydroponic (recirculating) applications. Growers are no longer forced to grow only "one way" when using The Bucket Company systems. Simply choose your preferred method by assembling your system to Drain to Waste or Recirculate back to your reservoir.

Interested in Automating your Irrigation and Drainage? Then give The Bucket Company's Ez-Pz Runoff Pump a glance! Includes (2) 1100 GPH Pumps that can be used to automate your drainage and irrigation. Helping growers spend less time cleaning up and more time with their plants and family!

Key Benefits:

  • Low-pressure drip system
  • Color coordinate your garden
  • Adjustable height when using (optional) 1/2" PVC Legs
  • A versatile system that helps with aisle and space management 
  • Works with all growing mediums (Coco, Soil, Hydroton, Rockwool, etc)

Instruction Manual

Dimensions (in): L 13.86” x W 13.86” x H 9.79”
Drain (ID /OD): 3/4”
Micro-Hose Compatibility: 1/8”, 1/4”, 3/8”
PVC Legs (Optional): 9" Height
Recommended Reservoir Per 12 Buckets: (Gallons/Liters): 20-26 Gallons / 77-100 Liters
Recommended Pump Size Per 6 Buckets: 1100GPH / 4164LPH
Works With All Growing Mediums: Coco, Soil, Hydroton, Rockwool, etc

Weight (Per 6 Bucket Kit) 19 lbs
Dimensions (Per 6 Bucket Kit Box) L 20 × W 17 × H 19 in