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Made in Michigan, USA 🇺🇸


Our Story

Originally founded in Miami, Florida, The Bucket Company relocated to Detroit, Michigan in 2018 to continue designing gardening supplies that provide solutions to everyday "growing pains" in the horticulture industry. The Motor City provided us with better quality control by having our core products made locally in the United States of America.

Gardening Supplies

Buckets & Growing Systems

Work with Drain to Waste and Hydroponic Recirculating applications. Available in 1 Gal, 3 Gal, 5 Gal, & 10 Gal sizes.

Drain Trays

Work with 1 Gallon - 25 Gallon Pots. Available in two different sizes: 15.5" & 22".

Watering Systems

Work with 5 Gallon - 50 Gallon pots. Capable of being assembled facing upward or downward, depending on preferred spray radius.

Trellis Support Systems

Work with various garden sizes and spaces with the help of the 1" 6-Way PVC Slip fitting. Available in two different versions: Ez-Pz (4' x 4') Kit & Ez-Pz Commercial Trellis Kit.

Revolutionizing The Industry

White Medical Buckets

The Bucket Company's, FDA/EPA Approved, White antimicrobial Medical containers are the only systems/buckets in the world made with Medical grade properties that eliminate 99.95% of E-coli, Mold, & Algae from growing on the surface of the container. Helping growers pass local and state inspections with ease!

Standard Color Buckets

The Bucket Company's standard colored systems/buckets are made with the same virgin, 3MM thick, BPA free plastic but do not include the medical properties that the White systems/buckets are made with. Available in a variety of colors so cultivators can color coordinate their garden!

Patented Bucket Design

Drainage Port

Install PVC or Barb Fittings to setup drainage systems. Cultivators can Drain to Waste or Recirculate back to reservoir for Hydroponic growing applications.

Elevated Surface

The Round Shapes at the bottom of each Bucket keep root systems elevated off the surface to ensure that all water and nutrients are drained after feeding. This feature also allows lower level roots to be exposed to fresh oxygen at all times!

PVC Leg Ports

Each Bucket is capable of being raised off the ground with standard PVC Pipe. Allowing cultivators to assemble drainage systems, raise closer to lighting units, or avoid cold floors during the winter.

Drain Trays

Shop The Bucket Company's Ez-Pz Runoff Trays! Available in two different sizes:

- 15.5" | Works with 1 Gallon - 10 Gallon Pots

- 22" | Works with 10 Gallon - 25 Gallon Pots

Drain Tray | Features & Benefits

Choose Your Pot Size

Works with standard plastic containers and fabric pots from 1 Gallon (3.79 Liters) to 25 Gallons (94.64 Liters). Cultivators can also place several cloning cups and rockwool cubes on each tray!

Stay Connected

Connect multiple trays to one main drain site for easier assembly and clean-up. Capable of being automated with our 1100 GPH Ez-Pz Runoff Pump Kit.

Easy Testing

Allows growers to test EC / PH Levels to each individual plant (via sloped drainage port).

Automatic Watering Systems

Ez-Pz Bubbler Manifold

Works with 5 Gallon - 50 Gallon pots, capable of being used in both Indoor and Outdoor growing applications. (UV Protected)