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Made in Michigan, USA 🇺🇸


Inline Disc Filter


The Bucket Company Inline Disc Filter is designed with grooves within the disc rings which crisscross to form a network that traps debris between and on the outside of the discs. As water is pumped into the filter and pressure increases, the water compresses the disc rings together tightly. The water is then forced to flow through the grooves of the disc rings, where debris is trapped; releasing only clean water to irrigation systems.

Save time by keeping your irrigation lines clean and free from build-up!

Features & Benefits
  • Transparent cap for easy maintenance
  • Discs can be removed for proper cleaning
  • Made with UV-resistant, durable plastic material
  • Disc filters are less likely to be crushed by organic material and debris when compared to Screen Filters
  • Disc Filters are especially good at removing fine particles and organic matter compared to other types of filters
  • Thread Type: NPT
  • Filtration Level: 120 Mesh - 130 Micron
  • Maximum Working Pressure: 8 Bar - 110 PSI
  • Maximum Flow: 22 GPM (3/4") & 26 GPM (1")
  • Filtering Surface Area: 30 Sq. in