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Where can I find Instruction Manuals to setup The Bucket Company's Growing Systems/Buckets?

Instruction Manuals can be found under each specific product when browsing through the different sized systems we provide. They're also located under the "More" Tab on the "Downloads" page. Feel free to give these Social Media pages a glance as we constantly are updating them with more tutorial videos, product information posts, and customer testimonials!

- YouTube: @TheBucketCompany

- Instagram: @TheBucketCompany @BucketCompany_Support

What are the advantages of growing with The Bucket Company Systems/Buckets?

Universal Applications

Assemble for Drain to Waste or Hydroponic (recirculating) growing methods. Cultivators can choose how they want to grow without having to change systems. Works with all growing mediums!

Space Management

Versatile systems that help with aisle and space management. Modular design for maximum flexibility! 

Adjustable Height

Tired of bending over to maintenance plants? Cold floors during the winter? No worries as our Ez-Pz Bucket systems and Runoff Trays can be elevated off your garden floor and adjusted with standard PVC pipe (included in your growing system). 

What are the dimensions of The Bucket Company's Growing Systems/Buckets?

The dimensions of each product we created can be found under each specific product in the "System Information" tab when browsing through the different items we currently provide to the community. Nonetheless, please see below to find the dimensions of the different size containers:

- 10 Gallon (37.85 liters): L 19.75" x W 19.75" x H 16.63" (in)

- 5 Gallon (18.93 liters)L 19.75" x W 19.75" x H 9.79" (in)

- 3 Gallon (11.36 liters): L 13.86 x W 13.86" x H 9.79" (in)

- 1.2 Gallon (4.54 liters): L 10.49" x W 10.49" x H 8.69 (in)

How many of each size Growing System kit (1.2 Gal, 3 Gal, 5 Gal, & 10 Gal) can I place in a 4' x 4' Grow Tent?

3 Gallon Manifold Kit (6 Pack)


5 Gallon Trellis Growers Kit (4 Pack)


No matter the Gallon size of the container, each one of The Bucket Company's growing system kits are capable of being placed inside a single 4' x 4' Grow Tent. Simply choose your preferred container and setup with NO tools required! #Ez-Pz

What are the round shapes at the bottom of The Bucket Company's Growing Systems/Buckets?

These circular shapes help keep your growing medium and root system elevated off the bottom base of The Bucket Company's growing systems/containers.

Ensures that all water and nutrient waste/runoff are drained completely in order to avoid root rot and unwanted pests and bacteria!

Do the buckets promote air circulation in the root system?

Yes and Yes! Our growing containers have "rounded" corners while our Ez-Pz Screen Pots are a perfect square. This gap between the "rounded" corners and the Screen Pots are what allows air to travel beneath your root system to ensure that all plants are being exposed to fresh oxygen at all times!

Can I use The Bucket Company's Growing Systems/Buckets without PVC Pipe-Legs?

Yes, of course! Although we do recommend having the systems/containers suspended at least 4 inches off the ground in order to take advantage of our patented sloped drainage design!

What's the difference between the White Medical Grade Systems/Buckets and the other colors?

Antimicrobial White Buckets

The Bucket Company's, FDA/EPA Approved, White antimicrobial Medical containers are the only systems/buckets in the world made with Medical grade properties that eliminate 99.95% of E-coli, Mold, & Algae from growing on the surface of the container. Helping growers pass local and state inspections with ease!

Standard Colored Buckets

The Bucket Company's standard colored systems/buckets are made with the same virgin, 3MM thick, BPA free plastic but do not include the medical properties that the White systems/buckets are made with. Available in a variety of colors so cultivators can color coordinate their garden!

Do the Antimicrobial White Medical Systems/Buckets harm my beneficial microbes?

Absolutely not! The Medical Grade properties are infused into the actual plastic during the manufacturing process and stay out of contact with the central root system thanks to the Ez-Pz Screen Pots! Find more information on the Lab Tests/Results under the "More" Tab on the "Downloads" page.

What's the difference between The Bucket Company's growing Systems/Buckets and Ez-Pz Runoff Trays?

We understand that some cultivators rather not "fix what's not broken", with regards to your growing container preferences. So we went ahead and designed the Ez-Pz Runoff Tray's (Sizes: 15.5" and 22" inches) to give you the option of using your own containers while still being able to take advantage of The Bucket Company's versatile designs.

What are the advantages of growing with the Ez-Pz Runoff Trays?

Choose Your Pot Size

Works with standard plastic containers and fabric pots from 1 Gallon (3.79 Liters) to 25 Gallons (94.64 Liters). 

One Drain Location

Connect multiple trays to one main drain site for easier assembly and clean-up. Capable of being automated with our 1100 GPH Ez-Pz Runoff Pump Kit.

Easy Testing

Allows growers to test EC / PH Levels to each individual plant (via sloped drainage port).

When should I use 3/4" Vinyl Tubing and when should I use PVC hard-pipe?

3/4" Vinyl Tubing

The 3/4" Vinyl Tubing is a great way to get the job even if you don't have a "uniform" garden. This flexible tubing can be arranged in any which way you prefer and is an ideal option for growers who have setups that are constantly evolving it's very easy to breakdown and reassemble. No tools required!  

1" PVC Hard-Pipe

PVC hard-pipe is more common for cultivators who have uniform rows and specific "feeding zones". This is an ideal assembly for more permanent gardens as once it has been assembled there is no need to breakdown after every harvest. Helping save time when transitioning from one harvest to the next! The Bucket Company's growing systems/containers and Ez-Pz Runoff Trays can be assembled with both 3/4" Vinyl Tubing or PVC hard-pipe.