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Made in Michigan, USA


Ez-Pz Bubbler Manifold Kit

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  • Original Vs. 2.0
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The Ez-Pz Bubbler Manifold Kit is a top feed irrigation system that closely resembles hand watering but without the time and labor! Unlike other watering rings, The Bucket Company's Ez-Pz Bubbler Manifold Kit can be assembled in two different styles which are capable of being automated with a pump and timer. 

  • Automate your irrigation system
  • Works with PVC hard-pipe and Vinyl Tubing accessories 
  • Choose between a drip (Original) or a fine mist spray (2.0)

The "Original" Ez-Pz Bubbler Manifold Kit is designed for bubbler/drip irrigation systems. This option includes 6 x White Bubbler Caps that can be adjusted by rotating clockwise. 


The "2.0" Ez-Pz Bubbler Manifold Kit is a simple Add-On to the "Original" option of this product and is designed for cultivators who prefer fine mist/spray irrigation systems. By selecting the "2.0" option, cultivators will receive both the 6 x White Bubbler Caps and 6 x Red 360 Degree Sprayers. 


  • Both the "Original" and "2.0" versions of the Ez-Pz Bubbler Manifold Kit help provide uniform growth within a garden and are compatible with fabric pots and standard containers from 5 Gallons - 50 Gallons. Learn more by viewing the infographics in the product gallery! 
Dimensions (in):L 10" x W 9"
Connections:1/2″ MPT Port, 1/2″ Barb Port, & 3/4″ Barb Port


MPT = Male Pipe Thread

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