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Made in Michigan, USA 🇺🇸


Ez-Pz Collapsible Reservoir

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The Ez-Pz Collapsible Reservoirs are The Bucket Company's newest product addition that growers have been waiting for! These water tanks are made of durable, PVC material and are available in three different sizes: 13, 26, and 52 Gallons. The best part about these reservoirs is that they are capable of being set up in minutes and can be broken down and stored away easily when not in use. 


Fittings Included: 

  • ¾" Double Female Union Valve
  • ¾" Male Overflow Fitting
  • ¾" MPT - ½" FPT Adaptor
  • ¾" MPT Nipple Fitting
  • ¾" Garden Hose Connector
  • ½" MPT - ¾" Barb Fitting
  • Use the Ez-Pz Collapsible Reservoir and EcoPlus pump to automate your irrigation system
  • Equipped with universal fittings to set up in minutes
  • Works with PVC hard-pipe and Vinyl Tubing accessories
  • No tools required
  • Store away when not being used
  • Made of flexible and durable PVC material
Reservoir Size (gal)13 Gallon26 Gallon 52 Gallon
Dimensions (in):L 15.8 x W 15.8 x H 15.8L 15.8 x W 15.8 x H 30.7L 23.6 x W 23.6 x H 27.5

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