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Made in Michigan, USA 🇺🇸


22" Ez-Pz Runoff Tray


The 22" Ez-Pz Runoff Tray works with large nursery pots, fabric pots up to 20 Gallons (75.71 Liters), and standard containers up to 25 Gallons (94.64 Liters). Unlike your typical drain pans, The Bucket Company's 22" Ez-Pz Runoff Tray helps eliminate water overflow with its drainage design.

  • Each Drain Tray comes with 1-1/4" PVC Legs (6" Height) that can be used to elevate off cold floors or closer to lighting systems. With a 1/2" MPT Elbow fitting (included), these Ez-Pz Runoff Trays can be assembled to any growing application that cultivators prefer. 

Say goodbye to your wet vacuum and say hello to clean hassle-free gardens! #NoMessNoStress

Features & Benefits
  • Allows growers to test EC / PH Levels to each individual plant
  • Connect multiple trays to one main drain site for easier clean-up
  • Adjustable height: includes 1-1/4" PVC legs to raise off the ground
  • (2-in-1): Universal 1/2" Elbow fitting, (included), can be used to assemble with 3/4" vinyl hose or any size PVC hard-pipe
Fitting Options
  • Barb Fittings: Perfect for growers in smaller grow spaces that need a flexible cultivation system. Using our ¾" Vinyl Tubing, customers can easily adapt or move their system to another growing area.
  • PVC Fittings: Essential for growers building out large cultivation systems who prefer rigid irrigation and drainage lines. Growers can use the ½" - 1" PVC Tee to connect to outsourced 1" PVC line and create more permanent grow spaces that will last run after run.
  • Dimensions: L 22" x W 22" x H 6" in
  • PVC Legs: 6" in Height
  • Works with fabric pots and plastic containers from 10 Gallon - 25 Gallon