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Made in Michigan, USA


1.2 Gallon Irrigation Manifold Kit (12 Pack)


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The 1.2 Gallon Irrigation Manifold Kit is a top feed irrigation system that closely resembles hand watering but without the time and labor! This kit serves as a replacement kit for growers using The Bucket Company's 1.2 Gallon Growing systems. (See below for connection methods):
- Assembly Method: 
Connect the 1/2" Double Union Female Valve to the Manifold as this will allow you to regulate the flow of water to each individual plant. Before inserting the 180 Degree Sprayers/Emitters, connect one Manifold Bracket to each side. When done, choose between the 1/2" MPT - 1" PVC Slip fitting for PVC hard-pipe installations or the 1/2" MPT - 3/4" Barb Tee fitting for Vinyl Hose installations. 
- Features & Benefits:
  • Capable of withstanding up to 35 PSI
  • Green 180o (fine mist) sprayers/emitters for optimal coverage 
  • Durable high-quality material with universal applications