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Made in Michigan, USA πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ


Compressed Coco Cubes (1 Gal - 10 Gal)

Plastic Bag - Coco Cubes

Recommended for indoor gardens that experience high humidity as the Plastic bags help contain moisture in the bag.

Fabric Bag - Coco Cubes

Recommended for gardens that have low humidity and allows for quicker dry backs due to the breathable fabric.

Coco Coir Loosefill - 50 L Bags

100% Coco Coir

Welcome to The Bucket Company, your one-stop destination for premium gardening supplies. We proudly present our top-of-the-line Coco Coir Loosefill 50L Bag, a pure and versatile growing medium that provides exceptional benefits for your plants. Experience optimal nutrient uptake, 0.1 - 0.2 EC levels, pH stability, and the convenience of a pre-buffered and charged product. Start growing effortlessly with our 100% Coco Coir Loosefill.

70% Coco Coir - 30% Perlite

For those seeking an enhanced gardening mix, we also offer our Coco and Perlite Blend Loosefill 50L Bag. Combining the benefits of Coco Coir with the superior aeration and moisture retention properties of Perlite, this blend takes your gardening experience to the next level. Enjoy improved drainage, healthy root development, and a balanced moisture environment for your plants.

Features & Benefits

pH Stable


R/O Fresh Water Super Washed