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70% Coco Coir 30% Perlite Loosefill | 50L Bags


Introducing The Bucket Company's 70% Coco Coir 30% Perlite Loosefill in a convenient 50L Bag. This premium blend is designed to elevate your gardening experience. Available for individual purchase or by the pallet, this product is a game-changer for indoor gardeners.

Benefits of Coco Coir Perlite Mix:

1. Enhanced Drainage: Perlite improves soil aeration and drainage, preventing waterlogged roots and reducing the risk of root rot.

2. Improved Root Development: The loose structure of Perlite promotes healthy root growth, allowing roots to penetrate the medium easily.

3. Moisture Retention: Perlite helps the Coco Coir retain moisture while preventing excessive water retention, striking a balance for optimal plant hydration.

Save Time and Effort:

With our Coco Coir Perlite Mix, customers can skip the time-consuming task of creating their own mix or charging Coco with Perlite. Simply pour this ready-to-use blend directly into your pots and start growing immediately.

Experience the convenience and reliability of The Bucket Company's 70% Coco Coir 30% Perlite Loosefill. Unlock the full potential of your plants with optimal nutrient absorption, pH stability, and hassle-free gardening. Simplify your gardening journey today! Order your 50L Bag of Coco Coir Perlite Mix and witness the transformation in your indoor garden. 


For larger orders of a pallet or more, please get in contact with 786-580-3990 or britney@thebucketcompany.com to learn more about pricing. 

Features & Benefits
  • Low EC Levels: Our coco coir loosefill boasts an impressive EC level of just 0.1 - 0.2, ensuring optimal nutrient uptake and promoting healthy plant growth.
  • pH Stability: With a pH range of 5.5 - 6.5, this loosefill provides the perfect environment for your plants, supporting their growth and vitality.
  • Buffered and Charged: Our coco coir loosefill comes pre-buffered and charged, eliminating the need for customers to spend time "charging" their own coco or creating their own batches. It's ready to use right away!
  • R/O Fresh Water Super Washed: We take pride in our rigorous super washing process, using reverse osmosis (R/O) fresh water to remove impurities, ensuring a clean and pure growing medium.
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