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Made in Michigan, USA 🇺🇸


5 Gallon Coco Cube | 54% WHC


Introducing The Bucket Company's 5 Gallon Coco Cube, available in both Fabric and Plastic Bags. Whether you choose the Fabric or Plastic option, these coco cubes are designed to simplify your gardening process. Available for individual purchase or buy the box.

Fabric Bags for Low Humidity Gardens:

The Fabric Bags are perfect for gardens with low humidity. The breathable fabric allows for quicker dry-back, preventing excessive moisture retention and promoting a healthy root system.

Plastic Bags for High Humidity Rooms:

The Plastic Bags are designed for rooms that experience high humidity. These bags effectively contain moisture within, maintaining the perfect moisture level for your plants.

Simplify your gardening journey with The Bucket Company's 5 Gallon Coco Cubes. Enjoy the benefits of optimal nutrient absorption, pH stability, and hassle-free potting. No more time-consuming coco preparation – these cubes are ready to go! Choose the bag type that suits your environment and order now. Experience the convenience and reliability of The Bucket Company's Coco Cubes for successful gardening.

Features & Benefits
  • Low EC Levels: Our 5 Gallon Coco Cubes boast a low EC of 0.1 - 0.2, ensuring optimal nutrient uptake and promoting healthy plant growth.
  • pH Stability: With a pH range of 5.5 - 6.5, these cubes provide the ideal environment for your plants, supporting their growth and vitality.
  • Buffered and Charged: Our Coco Cubes come pre-buffered and charged, saving you time and effort. Say goodbye to the hassle of charging your own coco or creating your own batches.
  • R/O Fresh Water Super Washed: We ensure the highest quality by subjecting our Coco Cubes to a thorough super washing process using reverse osmosis (R/O) fresh water, removing impurities and providing a clean and pure growing medium.

How to Hydrate your Ez-Pz Coco Cubes: 

  1. Select your method of growing, whether using the Ez-Pz Coco Cube on a Runoff Tray (Plastic Bag Recommended) or Bucket (Fabric Bag Recommended). 
  2. Once in its container, slowly add water to the cube and allow it to absorb. 
  3. Using your hands or a garden tool, fluff the coco coir until it resembles a consistency similar to soil and make sure there are no dry spots. 
  4. The coco coir should absorb all the water it needs within an hour. Allow any excess water to drain out of its container. 


Recommended Hydration Volumes per 5 Gallon Ez-Pz Coco Cube: 2.25 Gallons or 8.55 Liters

How to Grow with your Ez-Pz Coco Cubes: 

  1. Once your cubes have been hydrated and reach a soil-like consistency, you are free to add in any beneficial microbes of your choice. 
  2. Next you transplant your plant into the fabric or plastic bag filled with coco coir. 
  3. Water your plant as needed, and according to your watering schedule while considering the coco cube’s WHC (Water Holding Capacity)
  4. Follow your preferred nutrient program. 
  5. Monitor and maintain ideal environmental conditions and watch your trees grow!