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Made in Michigan, USA 🇺🇸


Ez-Pz Irrigation Manifolds

Ez-Pz Irrigation Manifolds

Are you tired of using systems that force you into growing a specific way? Let The Bucket Company help YOU grow the way YOU want to.

The Patented Irrigation Manifold is sealed and individually tested at 50 psi, ensuring that every manifold is leak-proof. The Irrigation Manifold has a 1/2″ MPT (Male Pipe Thread) fitting that goes right into the 1/2″ FPT x 1/2″ FPT Union Valve (Female Pipe Thread). You can use either PVC , CPVC quick disconnect or Funny hose fittings directly from your pump to the manifold. With our new designed custom fittings, it gives the end user options and ease in putting the system together.

Which is why the came about due to the no tools required in its assembly , making the connections of the fitting & the assembly of the complete system as easy as its name, Ez-Pz. While on the other hand, giving full control to the end user with options on which fittings to use and growing method that is most convenient to them.

The option of controlling the flow of the manifold from fine droplets to a single drop, gives the grower the luxury to conserve nutrients by adjusting our custom-made union valve to the desired setting the individual prefers.

Our Custom fitting made can easily be used by DIY, experience growers or a mix of both to design their own hybrid system.
For cleaning of the manifold, just remove sprayer & submerge them in warm water for a few minutes while you run clean water thru the manifold flushing out any unwanted nutrients inside. So with or without sprayers, the option is always up to you!

Whatever your needs, the EZ- PZ Irrigation Manifold comes with four pre-drilled holes for 360 Degree Sprayers/ Emitters but they can also be used without them to replicate a drip fed system


Irrigation Manifold & Valve

  • Drip Feed or Spray.
  • No Hand watering
  • Feeds 1 Gallon per minute!
  • Control the flow
  • Isolate any plant for proper attention
  • Close or open any valve to compensate for pressure

180 & 360 Degree Sprayers

Our unique Ez-Pz Irrigation Manifold comes with four pre-drilled 4.7MM holes for the use of 4, 360 Degree Sprayers/Emitters but can also be used with or without!

EZ-PZ Irrigation Manifolds™

The EZ- PZ Irrigation Manifold works with and without the Medical Planter & Ez-Pz Planter™ systems!