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Made in Michigan, USA 🇺🇸


Ez-Pz Screen Pots™

Allows more Air-Flow to pass through your root zone, meaning Bigger, Better and Healthier Roots.

Grow Big Plants Faster!

Works with and without The Bucket Company's systems.

100% Reusable

No only is the Ez-Pz Screen Pot™ affordable, its also reusable allowing you to save money and maximize your investment.



Zero Water Retention

Fabric Pots retain water which is proven to bring up the humidity in your grow room. Our Patented Ez-Pz Screen Pots™ don’t retain any water keeping your plants and your grow room properly drained.



Universal Design

Works with Soil based mediums (Coco, Promix, Etc.) and Hydroponic systems. Allows you too easily and safely transplant your plants from planter to planter without damaging roots and shocking your plants.



Wont Trap Nutrients!

You spend a lot of money on your nutrients, fabric pots trap these fertilizers and restrict air flow and causes salt build up. Never wash a fabric pot again! The Ez-Pz Screen Pot™ won’t retain these nutrients and don’t need to be put into a commercial washing machine to be reused!



Air Root Pruning System

The Ez-Pz Screen Pot™ manages the root ball for you creating perfectly shaped roots every time. No need to trim or relocate roots, they grow naturally into the Screen pot and do not need to be touched.


EZ-PZ Screen Pots™

Bigger, Better and Healthier Roots.
Grow Big Plants Faster!