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10 Gallon Ez-Pz Bucket

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The 10 Gallon Ez-Pz Bucket is an option container for hobbyists who want to grow large plants in a convenient, heavy-duty container. Thanks to its built-in drainage port, the 10 Gallon Ez-Pz Bucket lets you collect runoff from your plants to prevent any leaks or spillage. Tired of leaning over when attending to your plants? Raise these buckets off the ground with 1-1/4" PVC legs to increase the height of your system. 


  • Combining this bucket with the 10 Gallon Ez-Pz Screen Pot will give you the flexibility of choosing to use any growing medium you prefer. The Ez-Pz Screen Pot also promotes vigorous root growth by allowing the roots to naturally undergo the root pruning process as lateral roots grow through the screen bag and eventually take the shape of the container. Take your garden to the next level when assembling the 10 Gallon Ez-Pz Bucket with our extensive selection of irrigation and drainage growing supplies.


Order the 10 Gallon Ez-Pz Bucket in our signature Medical White or in any of the other unique colors we have available!


Pictured Manifolds/ Fittings Not Included

  • UV protected 3-5 Years
  • Adjustable height when using 1-1/4" PVC Legs
  • Works with all growing mediums (Coco, Soil, Hydroton, Rockwool, etc)
  • Automate system when combining with other available products and accessories
Dimensions (in):L 19.75” x W 19.75” x H 16.625”
Drain Port Size:ID 3/4” / OD 1- 1/16”
PVC Legs (Optional):8" Height
Works With All Growing Mediums:Coco, Soil, Hydroton, Rockwool, etc
Weight (Per Bucket):5 lbs
Dimensions (Per Bucket): L 22" x W 22" x H 23" in