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Made in Michigan, USA 🇺🇸


3/4" Barb - 1/4" Barb Reducer Connector

$1.75 $3.49

The Bucket Company's 3/4" Barb - 1/4" Barb Reducer Connector fitting works with 1 Gallon and 3 Gallon Ez-Pz Buckets and Drip Kit Growing Systems. Designed for cultivators who prefer using a low pressure drip irrigation system. This fitting allows multiple 1/4" feeding lines to be connected to irrigate between 1 - 4 plants.

  • Use 1/4" Vinyl End Caps to close any unused ports as it helps prevent water leaks and maintains water pressure.
Features & Benefits
  • Plug-and-play assembly with 3/4" Vinyl Tubing
  • Assemble with 1/4" Vinyl Tubing (irrigation lines)
  • Connect to the Irrigation clips on the 1 Gallon & 3 Gallon Ez-Pz Buckets