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3 Gallon Drip Kit


The 3 Gallon Color Drip Kit is designed for a low-pressure drip irrigation system that allows growers to feed their plants at a consistent rate but without the time and labor! This plug-and-play growing system requires 594GPH (Gallons Per Hour) irrigation pump and timer to be purchased separately if choosing to automate. Cultivators now have the option of color-coding specific plants, flowers, and gardens when selecting any of the available colors. 

Growers are no longer forced to grow only "one way" when using The Bucket Company systems. Simply choose your preferred method by assembling your system to Drain to Waste or Recirculate back to your reservoir. This growing system is also compatible with The Bucket Company's Ez-Pz Runoff Pump Kit which assists with the drainage process. Helps avoid water spills by capturing runoff from the entire system while still allowing cultivators to drain to one main site or recirculate back to reservoir for Hydroponic growing applications!

Features & Benefits
  • UV Protected 3-5 Years
  • Low-pressure drip system
  • Color coordinate your gardens
  • Adjustable height when using 1/2" PVC Legs
  • Versatile system that helps with aisle and space management
  • Works with all growing mediums (Coco Coir, Soil, Hydroton, Rockwool, etc)
  • Dimensions: L 13.86" x W 13.86" x H 9.79"
  • PVC Legs: 9" Height
  • Recommended Reservoir Size: 20-26 Gallons / 77-100 Liters
  • Recommended Pump Size Per 6 Buckets: 594 GPH / 2248 LPH
  • Works with All Growing Mediums: Coco Coir, Soil, Hydroton, Rockwool

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