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Sprayer Expansion Pack

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The Bucket Company's Sprayer Expansion Pack works with both the Mini and Original Ez-Pz Bubbler Manifold Kits. These pressurized sprayers serve as replacement parts to cultivators who take advantage of our watering systems which can be automated with a pump and timer.


  • Includes 3 x 90 Degree, 3 x 180 Degree, and 3 x 360 Degree Sprayers
  • Includes 5 x Sprayer Adapter Caps that connect the sprayers to the manifold itself
  • Mini Bubbler Manifold (1-5 Gallons)
    • To pair with the Mini Bubbler Manifold, you only need 1 quantity of the product as it has 3 ports of irrigation
  • Original Bubbler Manifold (5-50 Gallons)
    • To pair with the Original Bubbler Manifold, you should include 2 quantities of the product as it has 6 ports of irrigation
  • The 90, 180, and 360 Degree Sprayers also work with any of our bucket manifolds without needing the sprayer caps